GPS tracking benefits & savings

With MeroTracker GPS Tracking comprehensive system of mobile GPS units and secure access from any computer, you track your entire fleet of vehicles, record vehicle activity and analyse the data all in real-time. And then you get to put all that reliable and useful information to work. Our GPS Tracking solution sets the standard for excellence and performance. We are committed to provide the highest quality and the most cost-effective solutions.

Improve your safety on the road

GPS tracking technology has come so far in the past few years. At GPS Vehicle Tracking System, our mandate is to keep on top of all the changing technology, so we can pass that knowledge to you - our valued customers. If you're curious about GPS trackers, you've come to the right place. Not only do we offer fleet tracking and vehicle tracking options, but we also have an entire line of personal GPS tracking devices available. Our line of GPS tracking devices is extensive, but we're happy to help you find the best option for any vehicle that you want to track.

Discover advanced GPS tracking features

GPS vehicle tracking

We offer the best professional tool for GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management. A small GPS tracker containing GPS receiver and GPRS.

Return On Investment

We understand that every company benefits from GPS tracking in different ways. We will provide a GPS tracking solution that is customized for your business and budget.

Integrated navigation

Would you like to integrate our system with a popular navigator? Do you need to communicate with your drivers in a simple, clear and economic way?

Complete fleet management solution

Competition within the transport business is high and oil prices are still rising. The solution for profitability is to know how everything works, to drive more efficiently than the competition. GPS Vehicle Tracking System offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for professionals in the efficiency of freight transport by fleet monitoring and tracking


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GPS Vehicle Tracking System

We represent the highest value GPS vehicle tracker and fleet tracking solution in the industry. Its proven functionality and rapid deployment easily scales whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise organization.

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